HMF’s Advocacy Initiative

Hyperbaric medicine has been in existence for more than 100 years. And each day across the United States, thousands of patients safely receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy. However, thousands more will benefit when insurance coverage is expanded and the approved indications are increased beyond the 15 currently covered hyperbaric oxygen therapy indications.

A National voice for change

HMF will provide a national voice for hyperbaric clinics including: free-standing clinics that have no collective representation; hyperbaric professionals; and patients who would benefit from gaining access to hyperbaric treatment. And we will reach out to our military members, veterans and first responders, who are disallowed, in many cases, from receiving hyperbaric treatment for off-label indications. The National Hyperbaric Association will:

  • Unite providers, clinics and stakeholders to provide common ground for change
  • Ensure that outcomes are properly documented and used to promote treatment expansion
  • Help to refine best practices and protocols based on US and international research and outcomes
  • Create and deploy a national awareness campaign regarding the benefits of hyperbaric treatment