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Paul Hoffecker
Paul S. Hoffecker, CEO
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Our mission is to advance the benefits and practice of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The Hyperbaric Medicine Foundation (HMF) vision is one of a sustainable, flexible hyperbaric care model that allows both private and hospital-based hyperbaric facilities to provide safe and effective treatment at a lower cost, for more indications, with broader insurance coverage. HMF, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was established to give individuals and organizations a national voice, bridging the gap between hospital clinics, free-standing clinics, individual practitioners, therapists, researchers, and patients. The Hyperbaric Medicine Foundation partners with all hyperbaric industry professionals, research organizations, government entities, practitioners of allied technologies, and other partners, to affect positive changes that will help both hyperbaric practitioners and patients. HMF’s leadership team is comprised of industry professionals and physicians with experience in organizational development, hospital administration, medical insurance, safety and certification, patient advocacy, medical research, veterans initiatives, and non-profit management and fundraising.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment in which a patient breathes 100% oxygen while the pressure of a treatment chamber is increased.

  • Provides a profound decrease in inflammation
  • Mobilizes and migrates stem cells to areas of injury
  • Maximizes the efficiency of wound healing at every stage
  • Optimizes and potentially re-vitalizes cells not functioning at maximal capacity
  • Patients must be medically cleared and obtain a prescription to receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is Administered

In each session, the patient enters an oxygen chamber, where the air pressure increases slowly. Patients can often listen to music or watch TV and feel no differently than if they were in a normal pressure environment. The idea is to increase the amount of oxygen in the body’s tissues and red blood cells. The process can change the way the body heals.

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